You have over 50 courses to choose from when applying to study at ߣߣƵ. These include A-Level, vocational and T Level courses, allowing you to create a study programme to suit your interests and future career aspirations. You may have heard of some of these subjects before and others may be brand new. Studying at level 3 is a whole new experience and you make the decisions.

A-Levels are subject based qualifications. You will choose to study 3 A-Levels over two years. A-Levels are assessed by written exams.

Mixed Study
The Mixed Study programme combines A-Level courses and vocational (A-Level equivalent) courses. This option provides you with a mix of assessment. You will choose to study 3 subjects over two years.

Vocational courses allow you to specialise in a specific subject area as you will pick 1 vocational course. They give you real life practical experience with the knowledge to back it up. Vocational Level 3 courses are studied over 2 years, while Level 2 courses are studied over 1 year.

T Levels
T Levels are equivalent to 3 A-Levels. You choose 1 course and this two-year course will focus on blending extensive industry placements with college-based learning.

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