Once you have had a successful interview and your GCSEs are over you can start to focus on your progression to ߣߣƵ Sixth Form College. In July, the College will host an Induction Day for New Students to enable you to experience the College environment before you join in September. We will also distribute bridging activities to help with the transition from GCSE to A-level (or equivalent) study.


What happens at enrolment?
Enrolment is when you officially join as an ߣߣƵ student. There are a number of stages to your enrolment appointment including meeting your enroller, confirming you meet the entry requirements, a conversation about your course choices and having your photo taken for your college ID membership card.

When is enrolment?
Enrolment takes place once you have received your GCSE results at the end of August. You will be sent an appointment date and time to visit the college to enrol.

Where does enrolment take place?
Enrolment takes place in person at the college. There will be lots of staff and student helpers to meet you on arrival and direct you to where you need to sign in and start the enrolment process.

Is parking available on site?
There will be limited parking on site. We operate a one way system through our carpark which can with the entrance on Montague Road and exit on Arundel St. .

What do I need to bring with me?
At enrolment you will need to bring

  • Your GCSE Results that your school have provided you with. You should also bring a copy of your results for the college to keep on your file. We will not be able to enrol you if you do not bring evidence of your GCSE results
  • ID such as a National Insurance Card, passport or birth certificate
  • The enrolment letter we send you so that we can easily register you on arrival

Can a parent/carer attend enrolment with me?
Some students choose to attend enrolment on their own but parents/carers are very welcome to attend enrolment to support their child through the enrolment process.

If I don’t get the grades I need for the subjects I want to study, will I lose my place at ߣߣƵ?
Please do not be worrying, there will be plenty of support and people you can speak to at enrolment if your results weren’t quite what you hoped for. Our senior advisors and careers team will also be on hand to explore options with you. Course changes at enrolment will be dependent on availability.

I have not received my enrolment appointment. What shall I do?
All applicants with an offer of a place will be sent an enrolment pack in June which will include their appointment date and time to enrol once GCSE results are known. If you have any queries about your enrolment appointment please contact the Admissions Team 

What if I can’t make my enrolment appointment?
It is extremely important you attend your enrolment appointment at the time you have been given. If you are unable to attend, please contact admissions@asfc.ac.uk so that we can make alternative arrangements for you. If you do not attend your enrolment appointment and we do not hear from you then we will assume that you no longer want a place at the college and your application will be withdrawn.

How do I find out about extra support, such as Inclusive Learning or the college Bursary?
At enrolment, people from various support areas will be available to answer any questions. You can find out about our bursary scheme which offers financial support for students from low income families   

How long does enrolment take?
If you meet the entry requirements for the courses you wish to study and there are no changes, the process can be short and should last no longer than 30 minutes or so. However, the whole process could take longer depending on how much advice and support you may need. It is important that we do not rush your enrolment and that you take the opportunity to speak to everyone you need to make an informed decision about your study programme.

Will I get work to do before my lessons start?
At enrolment, your teachers will inform you of any initial assignments they wish you to complete before starting college. These are important pieces of work that you should bring with you to your first lesson. We want you to feel prepared to begin your college-level study and also understand more about your course in advance of starting. You can view the full list of Initial Assignments here 

What happens if I want to change my courses when I get home after enrolment?
You should contact our Admissions team who will review your enrolment and assess your suitability for the courses you wish to change to. Any changes will need to be made before you attend your welcome day when you will be shown how to access your timetable.

Can I change my courses once I have started my lessons?
Our aim is to ensure that the advice and guidance that you have received at your college interview and enrolment results in you getting your course choice right. However, if you have any concerns about your courses once you have started college, ensure you speak with your tutor for further advice.

What happens after enrolment?
You will be invited to attend a Welcome Day at the college a couple of days before you start your lessons. We will send your details about your Welcome Day in the days following your enrolment.

When will I get my timetable?
Your timetable will be available for you to access via Cedar, our online student portal, at your Student Welcome Day. At the welcome day we will show you how to access Cedar and talk you through how our timetable works.

Do I need to buy anything ready for starting college?
You will need to bring with you any supplies that will ensure you are ready to learn (pens, paper etc.). If your course requires specific books, kit or equipment this will be communicated to you at your student welcome day. You will have plenty of time to get this before classes start.

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