Our reputation as the top education provider in Tameside has stood the test of time even from our humble origins.

We first began as a grammar school of sorts attached to the parish church in ߣߣƵ during the seventeenth century. However, the ߣߣƵ Grammar School that came before our Sixth Form College has its roots in the nonconformist Independent Congregational school at Albion, completed in 1862.

It was the largest Sunday school in England at the time but unfortunately the famous day school closed in 1926 and the pupils were transferred to the new council school on Mossley Road.

Our journey to our campus now on Darnton Road began with Titus Tetlow Esq of ߣߣƵ-under-Lyne. He left a sum of money in his will (June 26th 1890) to promote the education of both sexes. He also left money to the trustees in order to devote money for prizes and for the salaries of Science and Art teachers at the Mechanics Institute. Technical Schools and Colleges then emerged from the Mechanics Institutes. In addition, George Hegginbottom another Albion man and mill owner amongst his many instances of goodwill left the sum of £10,000 in his Will to the Corporation. The money was used to erect a "Free Library and Technical Institute" on Old Street. The Hegginbottom Technical School opened in 1892 - one of the first in the country and one of the most important in Lancashire. Then in 1903 the Education Act paved the way for the formation of Secondary Schools in Britain. 

In October of 1904, ߣߣƵ-under-Lyne Secondary School was formed from the School of Science in the Hegginbottom Technical School. Each year, places were awarded to 32 pupils, 16 for girls and 16 for boys. Although formed from Congregational roots, ߣߣƵ Secondary School was the first in the district where parents of any religious doctrine could send their children free from sectarian doctrinal influence.
When in 1928 this school obtained its own building on Darnton Road, it acquired the name of ߣߣƵ-under-Lyne Grammar School, and the school was co-educational from day one.

In 1980 under educational re-organisation, high schools for 11-16 years olds were created and ߣߣƵ Grammar School became the ߣߣƵ it is today.

Specialising in further education for 16-18 year olds for more than thirty years, ߣߣƵ continues to provide excellent educational opportunities for the variety and individuality of our students. We continue in the values set by the foundation of the Grammar School: equality, aspiration and excellence.

We value the stories and memories of those who have passed through the doors of ߣߣƵ and ߣߣƵ Grammar School. If you have a memory you'd like to share about your time with either ߣߣƵ Grammar School or ߣߣƵ, and would like to register as part of our alumni network, please complete this form below:


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